Monday, February 28, 2011

Rumpelstiltskin With the 'R' Wave

I just want to create an excitement for our drama performance. It is our last production after all... T_T... When one of our team member came up with the idea to use the logo as our facebook picture profile I think why not?? The idea is kind of cool. So, what say all of you?? Shall we start now?? Yeaha!!

- credit to Azim

Rumpelstiltskin Mind- Blowing Chemistry

As we progress on acting and pacing, I saw that most of the actors have warm up between each other to build up their characters. I was impressed with the attitude and improvisation done by father -  mother, rumpel - stilt -skin, rose - lucy - shelly - rebecca and other characters. The process to book Wawasan Hall was quite hard, thus, we were thankful to have Bakti Hall. Yet, the rehearsal with props need to be done as soon as possible. The atmosphere became a bit stressful as the date 6th MARCH 2011 approached. Why? It's a night with Madam Nori. Hehe. Heads up, my dearest team members! Hope you all can memorize the script in this short time. Best of luck!

 Freestyle dance by all cast. haha
 Props.. props.. props.. and away~
 Like mother like daughter?? =)
 It's a family portrait  
 Sad faces mourning about 'something'
 Waiting for their turn to rock the stage
 King & his P.A.
 The play from Farid's perspective v(^_^)v
 Ready.. Set.. Go!!
Here come all the hero...

- END -

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rumpelstiltskin Till 23:37

The memories of the old days while working on Pygmalion then Macbeth came playing vividly in my mind as we try to finish fundamental costumes & props by today. It was somehow fun yet quite stressful throughout the process of finishing touch before we finally packed up and cleaned the hall as if it was never a working workshop for our team. Unfortunately, I was a bit sad on the total of work contribution among team members. Hope this will get better next time. To the leader of props dept; Azam and costumes dept; Azreem, well done!! I am extremely excited to see the result of yesterday session. Those who stayed till 23:37, from the bottom of my heart, a warm thank you. All of you deserved the treat last night v(^_^)v

 The blue ribbons girls
 It's time to cut
 The machine that hardly rest- credit to Rohani
 The treat of the night -- pizzzzzzzzzaaaaaa!!! haha
 Farid holds the record for making one props in longest time. Haha
 All work and not a word of Fahmi
 Once in a blue ribbon by Azreem
 Farihan focusing on papers
 The prison- like session. Wuhu!!
Abe Firdaus working on masking taping
 One of the creative member; Atiyah
The outcome was awesome!! Credit to Nabil & Azam

* Congratulations on the progress people!! The hardwork nearly done, thus, we are going to have a practice on Saturday at 2pm in Wawasan Hall. See you!! Yeaha!!

- END -

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rumpelstiltskin Props & Costumes Making

Phew!! Glad we got excellent progress in props & costumes making today.. Now I felt that D Day is real close.. anxi0usEXCITEDw0rryHAPPYmad all kind of feelings mix up like now- realistically and figuratively saying. There were mind blowing fun moments as we were visited by so many SPECIAL guests today. Thanks to Sir Rosli, then Sir Adnan, after that Sir Adnan with food, later Sir Rosli again, last but never least special appearance by our beloved Madam Nori. Such a magnificent day. It lifted up our spirit. Yeay!! Do not forget people, we get another date tomorrow. See you.

 Who can ever guess Farihan was so good with sewing machine??
 Amar & Afdhal came to read the newspapers??
 When Pyramids Decay~ ngahaha
 Sorry Zubaidah, your working pictures cannot be published
 The game of cutting cloths
 Shukur & Farid create a life
 Does anybody knew how this machine works?? Hehe
 Hazimah seemed focus in burning the cloth
 We need boxes, scissors, plastics and TOILET PAPER
 Cut and paste session
 Another cut and paste session
The skill to iron cloth. Hoho

* I am updating this blog while reading The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame

- END -

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rumpelstiltskin Members in Wakaf Bharu Became Professional Farmers

If we list out all we did to make our production a success, I am surely proud of the effort made by my team members. One of many that was totally out of paper was when our members in Wakaf Bharu became farmers to collect all the hay. The outcome -- a total of 4 bags of hay!! Thanks people!! Really appreciate the hard work v(^_^)v

 It's a hay.. hay.. world..
 Keeping it clean & systematic =)
 The process of drying the hay

* Pictures credit to Ramzi

- END -

Rumpelstiltskin in Wawasan Hall

The technical workers were drilling the walls to attach the white screen yet we all managed to act and overpowered the loud sounds. This shows a positive sign isn't it? Hehe.. Well, our first rehearsal in Wawasan Hall turned out to be good yet I know we can do better. Let's try and make it smoother than we did today. Fighting!!

 A love scene or a fight scene?? Hehe
 Lucy & Mother happy together
 Lisa was sad according to script or simply hungry?? Ahaks!!
Lela was hiding something behind the curtain...

- END -

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rumpelstiltskin Muse in Action

The Muse has separate practice today. Thanks for the sacrifice of your weekend comfort. To all Dabong travelers, welcome back!! =)

 Most dancers like RED?? hehe
 Azim & Nabil strong chemistry
 Saturday Afternoon Live
 Guess who?? ;)
 Another guess who?? =)
 Nabil explaining while dancing

* Pictures credit to Azim
- END -

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rumpelstiltskin Till The Ending

Fuh!! At last!! We completed a full round of the whole play... Thanks people for being wondeful... I can see some of us didn't need the script in their hand all the time anymore. I call that a fantastic effort!! Well, we are being a little ahead of the schedule, thus, you all deserve a good rest this weekend (as I heard some of us are going to climb the mountain.. be safe please) So, this is all... We might not use Bakti Hall anymore as too many distraction.. Any other favourable place to suggest people?? Please let me know =)

We are not only watching.. Haha
Chemistry on screen and off too?? ;)
The Muse dancing steps!!
Move in, out and about.. Wuhu!!
Costume Designer; Azreem Versace taking measurement
 Father, daughter & director
 Lucy & Rose =)
 Technical works are never easy
Work but never forget lunch!! Yeaha!!

- END -