Monday, February 28, 2011

Rumpelstiltskin Mind- Blowing Chemistry

As we progress on acting and pacing, I saw that most of the actors have warm up between each other to build up their characters. I was impressed with the attitude and improvisation done by father -  mother, rumpel - stilt -skin, rose - lucy - shelly - rebecca and other characters. The process to book Wawasan Hall was quite hard, thus, we were thankful to have Bakti Hall. Yet, the rehearsal with props need to be done as soon as possible. The atmosphere became a bit stressful as the date 6th MARCH 2011 approached. Why? It's a night with Madam Nori. Hehe. Heads up, my dearest team members! Hope you all can memorize the script in this short time. Best of luck!

 Freestyle dance by all cast. haha
 Props.. props.. props.. and away~
 Like mother like daughter?? =)
 It's a family portrait  
 Sad faces mourning about 'something'
 Waiting for their turn to rock the stage
 King & his P.A.
 The play from Farid's perspective v(^_^)v
 Ready.. Set.. Go!!
Here come all the hero...

- END -

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