Monday, February 14, 2011

Rumpelstiltskin Photoshoot Outcome

I just got the pictures of our photoshoot!! It was really exciting to see the photos with various of creative ideas!! Unfortunately, Niko's + Usher's + Gege's are missing. These are my favourites.. Keep on being fun & creative people!! Enjoy!!

 Abe looks cool
 Ramzi plays cute ;)
 Azim did a camera frame
 Tiyah made Lentera Timur cover album
 Shukur masquerade mask
 Azam Anuar Zain style
 Khairul looks relax
 Amar as flawless as ever
 Hazimah rabbit ever after
 Fahmi FT style
 Masyitah professional look
 Zubaidah playing Lisa Surihani
 Afdhal looks WOW!!
 Azreem princess style
 Lela says Shh..
 Ani adorable pose v(^_^)v
 Nabil commercial look 
Farihan mixture of rock & sexy!
At last Syazana is up!!
The Flying Farid 
 Mira was trying to cover something.. Haha
Nik modeling style ;)

- END -

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