Thank to Allah the Merciful Lord...

The acknowledgement section is the column where we are suppose to thank and express our appreciation on people whom matter most in making our play a success. Hence, the acknowledgement would not be complete if we did not contribute our highest gratitude towards a competent lecturer- Madam Noor Akbari Binti Ismail Ali. We are the lucky ones to get a first hand advice and lecture from her. It is not too much if we say out loud that she is one of the lecturer that we respect to the highest point of our humbleness. Thank you madam, you are the strongest force that helped us to land where we are now.
            We are also thankful to work in a magnificent surrounding with an awesome crew and cast. All of you are mind- blowing! Time seems fleeting so fast and now is the time for our curtain call. Hope the curtain falls perfectly. We enjoyed every seconds that we spent together. As our final saying, it is so wonderful for all of us to have the stage again. We learned a lot via Pygmalion and Macbeth. As we perform this last play together, we hope we can close our chapter harmoniously and somehow help others to gain something from us and try to stage a better one in the future.
            Even though this is the first time final semester students are going to stage a play for Literature for Children and Young Adults, every single detail of the preparation has been taken seriously by every member of the production. Thanks to all the members of our production for their excellent and impressive job in utilizing their skills and experience gained within these 4 years of studying Literature and Drama to come up with this product. Good job!
            To all other lecturers, peers and family, thanks for your support. The night can never be as glamorous as it was without your loving support. For all those whom were not mentioned in this acknowledgement, hope you know that deep inside, we highly appreciate your contributions either directly or indirectly.
             Thank you.

Rumpelstiltskin Team