Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rumpelstiltskin Till 23:37

The memories of the old days while working on Pygmalion then Macbeth came playing vividly in my mind as we try to finish fundamental costumes & props by today. It was somehow fun yet quite stressful throughout the process of finishing touch before we finally packed up and cleaned the hall as if it was never a working workshop for our team. Unfortunately, I was a bit sad on the total of work contribution among team members. Hope this will get better next time. To the leader of props dept; Azam and costumes dept; Azreem, well done!! I am extremely excited to see the result of yesterday session. Those who stayed till 23:37, from the bottom of my heart, a warm thank you. All of you deserved the treat last night v(^_^)v

 The blue ribbons girls
 It's time to cut
 The machine that hardly rest- credit to Rohani
 The treat of the night -- pizzzzzzzzzaaaaaa!!! haha
 Farid holds the record for making one props in longest time. Haha
 All work and not a word of Fahmi
 Once in a blue ribbon by Azreem
 Farihan focusing on papers
 The prison- like session. Wuhu!!
Abe Firdaus working on masking taping
 One of the creative member; Atiyah
The outcome was awesome!! Credit to Nabil & Azam

* Congratulations on the progress people!! The hardwork nearly done, thus, we are going to have a practice on Saturday at 2pm in Wawasan Hall. See you!! Yeaha!!

- END -

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