Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rumpelstiltskin Practice Everywhere

It was somehow funny yet we have to give up the hall to a group of aerobics so called athletes. Is it even their assignment to do it?? We'll wait for the next group next time- ping pong players.. Ahaks!! Well, we promised to be nice and tolerate on the situation which lead us to another alternative venue- anywhere in the institute compound! Hmm, this time, it's Maths Class.. Thanks for being flexible people!! ;)

 Farid was punctual all the time.. credit to d watch?? hehe
 Apart from being on time, he also really serious.. way to go bro!!
 King got talent in music~
 Stilt - Rumpel - Skin
 Visit from Mr. Secretary with a...
 Script discussion??
Director directing ;)

- END -