Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rumpelstiltskin Props & Costumes Making

Phew!! Glad we got excellent progress in props & costumes making today.. Now I felt that D Day is real close.. anxi0usEXCITEDw0rryHAPPYmad all kind of feelings mix up like now- realistically and figuratively saying. There were mind blowing fun moments as we were visited by so many SPECIAL guests today. Thanks to Sir Rosli, then Sir Adnan, after that Sir Adnan with food, later Sir Rosli again, last but never least special appearance by our beloved Madam Nori. Such a magnificent day. It lifted up our spirit. Yeay!! Do not forget people, we get another date tomorrow. See you.

 Who can ever guess Farihan was so good with sewing machine??
 Amar & Afdhal came to read the newspapers??
 When Pyramids Decay~ ngahaha
 Sorry Zubaidah, your working pictures cannot be published
 The game of cutting cloths
 Shukur & Farid create a life
 Does anybody knew how this machine works?? Hehe
 Hazimah seemed focus in burning the cloth
 We need boxes, scissors, plastics and TOILET PAPER
 Cut and paste session
 Another cut and paste session
The skill to iron cloth. Hoho

* I am updating this blog while reading The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame

- END -

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