Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rumpelstiltskin Till The Ending

Fuh!! At last!! We completed a full round of the whole play... Thanks people for being wondeful... I can see some of us didn't need the script in their hand all the time anymore. I call that a fantastic effort!! Well, we are being a little ahead of the schedule, thus, you all deserve a good rest this weekend (as I heard some of us are going to climb the mountain.. be safe please) So, this is all... We might not use Bakti Hall anymore as too many distraction.. Any other favourable place to suggest people?? Please let me know =)

We are not only watching.. Haha
Chemistry on screen and off too?? ;)
The Muse dancing steps!!
Move in, out and about.. Wuhu!!
Costume Designer; Azreem Versace taking measurement
 Father, daughter & director
 Lucy & Rose =)
 Technical works are never easy
Work but never forget lunch!! Yeaha!!

- END -


  1. laa... wat aerobik ke kt blkg tu haritu? aku igtkn wat menyemak je...

  2. haha.. serius x kesah nak wat aer0bik tp bahasa tu kene ada k0t.. kite bkn x nak mengalah.. jadik menyampah plak.. ni jaga lagik preparati0n nak panjat gun0ng kah?? wuhu!!