Rumpelstiltskin Cast
(In order of appearance)

Our WHOLE Rumpelstiltskin Team Members v(^_^)v
The Muse
.:: They are our talented singers and dancers ::.
Lisa & Friends
.:: Lisa (in orange) with her gorgeous friends named Rose, Shelly, Lucy & Rebecca ::.
Father & Mother
.:: A loving and cheerful couple whom love their daughter; Lisa so much ::.
King, King's Assistants & Royal Knights
.:: Our charming King (with crown) surrounded by his loyal assistants and knights ::.
Rumpel - Stilt - Skin
(In this picture it was Skin - Rumpel - Stilt from your left)
.:: The creepy cunning creatures whom spin straws into gold ::.
Our RUMPELSTILTSKIN TEAM picture with Madam Noor Akbari Binti Ismail Ali and her husband
.:: We love you so much Madam!! ::.

- END -