Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rumpelstiltskin Backdrop Minor Damage T_T

I knew good things never last. Yet, it was somehow frustrating to see footsteps on the colourful backdrop that our team members have been working so hard to finish. Furthermore, to discover other people threw smelly garbage in our props- the sadness sounds speechless. Nevertheless, I am thankful with the support from each other, we realised it done no good in living on frustration. May the sinners get their punishment. In order to change the atmosphere and give ample space for the other team to do their props, we decided to do our practice that night at the open hall. We also pasted some posters that night while waiting for all members to come. Please work on your punctuality all my dearest members =) If we don't like to wait, don't let other people to wait on us. Just something to ponder. TQ.

 The early birds =)
 Mixture of early and no-really-early comers. Haha
 Aerobatic pose
 The poster paster. Wuhu!
 Our technical experts with his happy family ;)
 Looking for particular someone Farihan??
 Did something happened?? 
 The favourite moves
 Azam is the king of the world!!
 The belly dancing session
 Something creeeeeeeeeepppppppyyyyy occur~
 Expression with style
 Meeting of bidding??
 Lisa & Friends
 The girl besides the pillar
 Hmmmm... Something wrong here... Hehe
The new head gear for Rumpel
 A restaurant that open past 11:25 pm?? Definitely KFC <3
 The girls and a ..... Farid
 Our big family
Can you detect something??

P/s: We can start thinking of another place to hang out after practice tomorrow.. yeay!!

- END -

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