Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rumpelstiltskin & Cohort IV Members With BIG Party

Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you..
Happy Birthday to Madam Nori..
Happy Birthday to you~

May Allah bless you forever Madam!! I personally thank you for the drama assignment as you provide us with a chance to do the thing we like best -- acting!! Hehe. It's like a full circle for me and perhaps all members of cohort 4. We started Pygmalion with you, and insyaAllah we'll end Rumpelstiltskin (and Snow White & Friends by the other production) with you.

 The one and only- Madam Nori =)
 Another birthday bash by juniors for madam
 Birthday Girl in the middle 
 We love you madam!! <3
 Thanks on the great review madam!!
 Blueberry cheesecake from Secret Recipe and no other ;)
Lots of love; Cohort IV

P/s: Madam, may you live happily ever after.. Amin =)

- END -

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