Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rumpelstiltskin Hits 399

One of the thing I learnt- reading is a good exercise to grab the language. In our case, it is obviously English. Well, people might think it is nothing but I am SO HAPPY now this blog hits 399!! Thank you so much readers!! Please continue visiting us and I will try my best to provide updates on our play =) By the way, our publicity team is now pouring our ideas on creating our ticket selling strategy. Hence, I think this blog somehow can be our catalyst. Hope so. Stay safe and happy people!! Yeaha!!

The information regarding our play:

Date      : 23rd March 2011
Time      : 8.30 pm
Venue    : Wawasan Hall, IPKB

Look out for our posters all over the institute peeps!! v(^_^)v

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