Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rumpelstiltskin Full Dress Rehearsal With Madam Nori

I prefer to skip the full rehearsal we had a day earlier and another one we did during the day as I am wwwwwwaaaaaaaayyyyy ttttttoooooo eeeeeeexxxxxxxcccccciiiiiittttttteeeeeedddddddd with the outcome of last night full dress rehearsal in front of Madam Nori. Congratulations Rumpelstiltskians!!! We did it!! Alhamdulillah =) It was great when I was backstage and most of you expressed your nervousness as it definitely helped in improving all of your acting. Being over- confident was totally poisonous. Hope we can keep up the spirit and excitement till 23rd March folks!! We still have a llllllllooooooonnnnnnnnnnggggggggg way to go ;) To wrap up, I was as happy as a lark when we being told we were most exciting. Hope all well ends well. It would be good if we can donate some portion of our income for this play to the orphanage v(^_^)v

 Something funny with Ramzi??
 Masyitah was working on some touch up
 The mysterious characters~ Hehe
 Aren't they cute... ;)
 Thanks for the treat of the night madam!! <3
 We all were happy- either dieting or not
 The circle of rice eaters
 Double thumbs up for the meal =)
 Cleaning right after staging
 More people lending their hands
.:: Our BIG family ::.

- END -

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