Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rumpelstiltskin Real Day~

In the name of Allah our Merciful Lord...

This can be considered as our last post. I'll flood the WHOLE page with pictures. Enjoy!! The floor was FULL. We thank all of our audience for you wonderful support =)
Farid (Rumpel) became professional make- up artist for Fahmi (Skin)
Azreem (Mother) got talent by doing Ramzi (Stilt) make- up
Masyitah (Shelly) helped Hazimah (Lucy) getting ready
You think Zubaidah (Lisa) looked radiance or vibrant? Hehe 
Fahmi's (Stilt) & Asyraf's (Royal Knight) make- up effect were awesome!
 Our cheerful cast; Farid (Rumpel) & Syazana (Rebecca)
 Be silent all, it's Azam (King) & Zubaidah (Lisa) were coming
 Azam (King) met the orphans =)
 The floor was awesomely FULL!! 500 & counting!!
 Our juniors were selling stuff to collect fund. Thanks for all of your help!!
 The stars mingled with the students
 We appreciated your support Madam Isaura & Madam Junaidah =)
Do we sense a wedding on June Sis Haz?? Hehe
 Rohani (Rose) with Miss Yusmiza =)
 We are happy you enjoyed the show Sir Rosli!! =)
 Shukur (King's Assistant) with his special someone
 Sir Nasir & family all the way from Bachok =)
 Farid (Rumpel) & Farihan (Muse)
 Atiyah (Muse) looked cute joking with Raisham (King Norman from Snow White)
 BFF Azreem (Mother) with Shah (Fairy Godfather from Snow White)
 Two pictures were taken on the same stage =)
 The group photo v(^_^)v
 The lady behind the project; Madam Noor Akbari Binti Ismail Ali
 Miss Lim joined the photo
 Everyone shout YEAH!!
 Give it another YES!!
 Our adorable Zubaidah (Lisa)
 Special guests from Shah Alam; Che Yam & Kinah. You both ROCK gurlz!!
 Hazimah (Lucy), Zubaidah (Lisa), Farid (Rumpel) & Masyitah (Shelly) 
 One of many photos of the night
 Amirah (Producer) & Nabil (Director)
 Photo- anywhere, any pose. Haha
 The highlights are in BLACKS- Madam & Mior =)
 Atiyah (Muse) & Nashruddin (Dwarf from Snow White) are AE siblings. Ahaks!!
 Three ladies; Azreem (Mother), Lela (Muse) & Syazana (Rebecca)
 Fahmi (Skin) sure knew how to take picture
 We present you- THE MUSE
 Azim, Lela, Farihan, Nabil & Atiyah
 Farihan (Muse) priceless pose
 Fahmi (Skin) became Rapunzel
 Azreem (Mother), Fahmi (Stilt) & Asyraf (Royal Knight)
 Afdhal (Father) with our colourful background
 The clearance process began
 Firdaus (Royal Knight) was fixing the backdrop
 These were gold earlier ;)
 Firdaus (Royal Knight) was up on the high frame
 Lela (Muse) & Azreem (Mother)
 Bags of memories
Sweeping can be fun! Azim (Muse) & Fahmi (Skin) will show you how =)

Note: I sincerely hope I have covered all cast and crew of RUMPELSTILTSKIN by posting all of our pictures even though some names might not appeared yet I deeply love all of our members. Furthermore, I highly appreciate all of your hard work. Let's do this again if we have a chance. Thanks again =)

- END -


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