Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rumpelstiltskin Video Shooting

In the name of Allah our Merciful Lord...

Phew! Done at last. After we finally staged the play, there were some details left out. (mostly I do not have time to update the blog) Thus, I decided even though all things has been wrapped nicely and the curtain has fell perfectly, I would love to share additional reports on our video shooting which was extremely tiring (due to time constrain) yet was really fun to the fullest!! Special credit to our guest star, Siti Rohana Binti Mohamad for her kindness to play a part of the video. (Ana, you seriously has great talent! Hehe) She was tired due to her long journey from Perak yet she was willing to lend her hand. I guess having a real twin in the video was a real joy for us all. Thanks Ani & Ana!!

The Royal Knights are getting ready to serve
Heroes of the video
Preparing a set that has been edited out
It was nice, isn't it? =)
The recording in Fahmi's perspective
The lost knights with a mission to complete
Everyone was busy looking at the result
Nice weather, isn't it?
Our special appearance; Ani & Ana =)
Seeing their acting in MBE's frame

Credit to Fahmi; our cameraman throughout the recording process.

- END -

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